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King salmon from the Skeena, Canada you need 0.45 or 0.50 leader!

Releasing a monster King (Chinook) on the Skeena

A fine Hen fish, around 13lb, caught on 0.30 Ultra line and Ghillies choice fly /  River Tyne, UK

Caught by Peter K, on a Garry Dog and 0.30mmUltra monofilament /  River Tyne, UK

A superbly coloured trout, caught on 0.22mm Ultra monfilament /  South Germany

Ian Sutton holds a magnificent 15lb 13oz barbel caught on 0.20mm Ultra /  River Thames, UK

Axel Bohlmann with his Halibut. Length 193cm, weight 109,0kg (240lb) caught on 0.21mm Powerline /Unknown location

Philipp Marx caught this fabulous Wels catfish; length 238 cm and weight 88 kg (194lb) . He used 0.65mm Powerline / Europe

Jana Máchalová with her Bluefin Tuna – 180cm & 65 kg (143lb) using Powerline braid / Unknown

Icelandic Cod, 134cm long, weighing 25kg (56lb) caught on 0.21mm Powerline /Iceland